Please bring your form and cash or cheque payable to Gayle Watson.

      For You

Dress for the season. There is water available EXCEPT during winter, so bring your own. A fanny pack is helpful to put dog’s food in and keeps your clothes clean. For your convenience, the ever popular outhouse is available out the north arena door.

      For Your Dog

Give a very light meal before class and bring meal and some very yummy rewards. We use this basic and special food to ‘tell’ the dog what we want. Think of it as a salary for working so hard to understand humans. Put it in an accessible pocket or fanny pack. (or Outward Hound has a really nice treat bag).

  • Small toy if they enjoy them
  • Chewy toy or stuffed Kong if they need to be kept busy
  • Some water & small bowl
  • Poop bags – leave used ones in garbage just inside entry on your right.

A SENSE OF HUMOUR!!! This isn’t about world peace – relax and enjoy your wonderful dogs.

Capable Canines


​WHAT TO Bring

Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.

William Shakespeare

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